Heritage Partners - Recruiting Leadership Teams in Life Sciences

Evidence-based search ensures you recruit your ideal life sciences leader

The right leader can energize your team’s expertise, address your unique goals and challenges, and propel your life sciences company to ever-greater breakthroughs and success.

You’re excited to bring a dynamic leader aboard but concerned as well.

Despite best intentions, new hires sometimes stumble or fail within a couple of years, and almost always because some deep-seated behavioral mismatch wasn’t revealed in the interview process.

Avoiding a costly disruption like this is critical, but how can you be confident you’re making the right hiring decision?

With Proof of Candidate™(1) , the evidence-based executive search methodology used by Heritage Partners, you make the best choice in leadership.

Guided by our senior partners’ insights and research―balanced with proven behavioral assessment techniques and comparative candidate analysis―you recruit the ideal world-class life sciences leader who’s an enduring fit for your requirements and culture.

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(1) Our strategic partner, The RSA Group, developed Proof of Candidate™ as a proprietary, evidence-based approach to candidate due diligence and comparative analysis.